One Nation Under God?

God Bless AmericaFor years I have been very concerned with the moral direction of our nation. It seems that every headline is worse than the one before, and I cannot simply pass it off as the desire of the media to out-sensationalize each other in order to gain a larger audience. The world seems to be turning inside-out and upside-down. People seem to have completely lost their minds. What is going on? Is all this a sign of something spiritual? On Sunday at Cotton Ridge I will begin a new series called "One Nation Under God?" In it we will discover the root cause of our nation's moral collapse, how God addresses a nation like ours, and our role in the path to repentance and revival.

Join us on Sundays at 10am at 1407 Ave. H (in the Levelland ISD Annex Building) as we begin 2013 with a biblical view of God's actions toward our nation.