What is Church Impossible?

Church Impossible is a consultation and coaching ministry designed to assist church leaders in transitioning themselves and their churches...no matter how impossible the situation!Leading a church can be difficult these days. One misguided church member, staff member, or pastor can affect the entire congregation. Communities can change drastically, leaving the churches in them behind. So what should a church leader do? Let me help identify church problems and prescribe a solution that leads to church health.The more impossible the situation, the more difficult the fix. But instead of letting that discourage you, be encouraged! With God all things are possible!Every situation is unique and requires a personalized solution. That's why I have two distinct options for you to choose:

  1. Coaching for Pastors
  2. Consulting for Churches

What Does David Do For Pastors?

If you are a pastor, I can provide you with objective, safe, practical, and honest feedback. If you feel like you're in a rut, if you need help with a certain ministry or skill, or if you are discouraged about your church, let me coach you.[shareable cite="Dick Savidge" text="The greatest reason a person should be coached is so they can maximize their God-given potential: to live, to lead, and to finish well."]The greatest reason a person should be coached is so they can maximize their God-given potential. To live, to lead, and to finish well is the essence of being a good steward.[/shareable]Coaching for Pastors is personal, private, and focuses on the pastor's mindset, choices, and life as he serves God's people.

What Does David Do For Churches?

If you are a church leader, board, or council, I can help identify the issues and difficulties facing your church. If you need a fresh set of outside eyes looking at your challenges, let me consult you.[shareable cite="churchsmart.com" text="Church leaders do a better job if they have a coach to encourage them, ask questions, offer resources and hold them accountable."]Every study we have done shows that church leaders will do a better job leading their church to health if they have a coach who comes alongside to encourage them, ask questions, offer resources and hold them accountable.[/shareable]Consulting for Churches

For a free, no-obligation one-hour coaching or consultation call, contact me at david@davidrhoades.org. Ask me anything you’d like. I love to help pastors and churches overcome obstacles and transition to a new phase of ministry. Discover if coaching or consulting would benefit you and your church.

Who is David Rhoades?

I have been a senior pastor since 1995 and been in vocational ministry since 1987. I have served urban, suburban, and rural churches. I have been on staff at churches of all sizes, from under-20 in attendance to megachurches. I've seen just about every kind of church problem that exists, and I believe that God provides the church with solutions. We must be willing to do what He requires.To contact me, or to schedule a free, no-obligation one-hour coaching or consultation call, email me at david@davidrhoades.org. You can learn more about me by clicking here.