Sermons Make A Difference!

My message on Sunday was "What To Do With Your Boss" from 1 Peter 2:18-25. Basically, we've got to submit to our boss, even if he's mean or not a believer. When we learn to do this, God can do miracles in our workplace. But if we refuse, we quench the Spirit of God from moving. Sometimes I wonder, though, if my preaching ever makes a difference in anyone's life. A REAL difference: not just that they chuckled at a joke or their spirit was lifted up for five minutes, but are lives actually being changed?

Then I received the following note on Facebook from a faithful church member on Tuesday: "On our team call this morning, I shared with the group what the sermon was about this past Sunday and told them all that as a result, they had all been prayed for every day on my way to work. My boss was quite taken aback and actually stuttered, not knowing how to respond. They (all 5 of them) at least know that they are being prayed for and my boss actually wanted to know more about the sermon--gave me a great chance to 'share'. Thanks for the fuel."

It's good to know that God is moving in the hearts of His people as they move outside the four walls of where we gather.