Lessons from a Devastated Life

There is a TV show on the National Geographic Channel called "Seconds From Disaster." As its website explains, each episode uses "advanced CGI, archival footage, forensic science, dramatic eyewitness accounts and expert testimony to deconstruct the chain of events leading to some of the world's most infamous disasters." If one link in the chain was broken, the disaster probably would not have happened. The story of Lot in the Book of Genesis is the story of a man whose life was devastated by the terrible consequences of sin. He would end up losing his home, his wealth, and his wife. The effects of his choices would harm others as well, as his incestuous relationship with his daughters would produce enemies of God's people (the Moabites and Ammonites).

There were many links in the chain of Lot's life that led to his personal disaster. If any one of these links were broken, his story may have ended up differently.

Link #1: Lot separated himself from believers (Abraham and his family) because of a quarrel (Gen. 13:8-11). Link #2: Lot put his focus on a valley filled with sin (Gen. 13:10). Link #3: Lot began walking toward the valley of sin (Gen. 13:11). Link #4: Lot settled his life near sin (Gen. 13:12). Link #5: Lot was living in the city of sin (Gen. 14:12).

The next thing that happened was that Lot was taken captive in battle.

Lessons for us today:

  1. Be a regular part of Christian fellowship. Don't isolate yourself from fellow believers.

  2. Keep your focus on Christ, not on the sinful temptations of this world. Cut those things out of your life that would distract you from Christ.

  3. Take note of the general direction of your life. What are you spending time doing? Are the things you are doing building the fruit of the Spirit in your heart? Remember, you are always moving: either toward righteousness or toward sin.

  4. Set your life as far away from the sinful trappings of the world as possible.

  5. If you find that you are living in sin, get out now! If you don't, a devastating captivity awaits you.