Griner, Homosexuality, and Baylor's Code of Conduct



Recently, Baylor University women's basketball player Brittney Griner outed herself as a homosexual (

). It's probably not a coincidence that she made these statements almost immediately after being drafted as a pro. What I find most interesting in this instance is not her sexual self-identity, but Baylor's response (or lack of response) to it.

The current code of conduct at Baylor includes a statement that human sexuality is a gift from God that has purposes that can only be achieved "through heterosexual relationships within marriage. Misuses of God's gift will be understood to include...fornication and homosexual acts." (You can read the entire document HERE.)

Will Baylor discipline Griner? Slim chance. Too much money involved with this superstar. (As an aside, would the Mormon-based BYU discipline Griner? They recently disciplined an athlete who was guilty of fornication.) Baylor's position will probably be one of focusing on her actions ("We are not aware that she actually engaged in homosexual behavior") instead of her expressed desires. While this would be appropriate on the surface, Griner is nevertheless representing Baylor when she makes such statements. Does the administration at Baylor even address this with her?

In one sense I feel for the administrators at Baylor. Being in charge of any institution is difficult enough. However, it becomes all the more difficult when that institution begins to dismiss the core convictions of its founders in order to remain popular.