Gender Identity Chaos and Authority

How in the world can people be confused about something as basic as human sexuality? But confused they are! There is a growing generation of people who think that gender identity is a choice. So what is going on?


Here's a primer on what we are told we must think about these things. This is by no means comprehensive, but it will help you understand the debate as framed by transgender activists:

  • The word "sex" differs from "gender" in meaning.

  • "Sex" is said to refer to one's physical male-or-female characteristics. "Gender," on the other hand, describes the characteristics that a society or culture says is masculine or feminine.

  • Therefore, "gender role" refers to the social role that a male or female plays in society.

  • "Gender identity" is how one personally identifies with regard to gender. It is a result of self-awareness.

These terms and how they are used have become widespread in society. Just understanding these terms can give insight into the debate. You can see where transgender activists are coming from, and you can see where they're going.

In general, transgender activists not only affirm the decision of people who want to identify as a member of the opposite sex, but they encourage the practice. The executive branch of our government is pushing for health plans to cover sex-change operations. The Department of Education has issued "guidelines" requiring school districts that receive federal funds not only to provide restroom and locker room access for those students that identify as a gender opposite of their sex, but to teach this chaotic and perverted view of human sexuality to our children. (See David French's excellent article "President Obama's Transgender Proclamation Is Far Broader and More Dangerous than You Think.")

For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever.
— Romans 1:25

At the root of the gender identity chaos is the authority of me. "I get to choose my sex. Who is society to tell me I'm a male or female? And who is God for making me this way?" It is common for a person in our society not only to push God and his decisions aside, but also to replace God with self. And that's one of the many problems with gender identity confusion: a refusal to acknowledge that there are some things you don't get to choose: your sex, your birthplace, your parents, your ethnicity, your name, and the list could go on. Sure, you might try to change some of these things, and you might even succeed. But is that best? Is it healthy? Is it right?

When a person wants to change a part of his identity that was given to him, he has to gain the approval of an outside authority. Changing one's name requires a court order. So does changing one's parents or birth certificate. Even changing one's sex requires a doctor.

What our society has forgotten is that being under someone else's authority is usually a good thing, not bad. When that someone else is God, submitting to his authority is always a good thing.Human sexuality is sacred. The particular sex that you have been given is a sacred gift. It is part of your uniqueness.

We need to remember that, like it or not, we are creatures. We have a Creator who is all-knowing and wants our best. The sex he has made you is not a mistake. Refusing to embrace it is.