What If I'm Not Sure Whether My Friend Is Saved

Question: "How do I pray for someone if I'm not sure about his standing with God? He says he's a Christian, but I'm not sure." Answer: Only God knows the heart. If you can't see the fruit of someone's faith in Christ, that person is likely far from God. Don't let your confusion about someone's salvation keep you from praying.

Instead of getting caught up in trying to read someone else's heart, focus your prayers on what you know: his fruit (or lack of fruit). Let's reframe the question: How would you pray for someone who is far from God?

An example: "Heavenly Father, you and only you know the heart of man. Your word says that the heart is deceitful, yet nothing escapes your understanding. I intercede on behalf of my friend. I believe that he is far from you. I pray that you will do whatever it takes to draw him to yourself. Let me be a faithful witness and a loving friend. I pray that he will see Christ in me. Glorify your name in all that you do. Amen."

Plowing the Fields Devotional: A Guide to Praying for the Lost

There is nothing more important than where people will spend eternity. Every Christian has loved ones, friends, or acquaintances who are lost. Much of the time, however, we are more concerned with who won the big game, whether the stock market is rising or falling, or what policies our government officials are promoting. It's usually not that we don't care about our friends who are far from God; rather, we are so easily distracted by the enemy. That's why I wrote Plowing the Fields Devotional: A Guide to Praying for the Lost. It is a 50-day devotional that can focus your heart and mind on the people for whom Jesus Christ died and rose to life. Salvation is not something that God accomplishes only through professional evangelists or church programs. Regular Christians--that means you--can impact eternity by praying.