Does Love Really Make a Difference?

According to a recent online story, atheist Patrick Greene had some bad experiences with Christians: "The so-called Christians that Greene had encountered had refused to pay their fare in his cab because they did not want their money going to the 'devil.' They had also refused to lease him apartments because of his disbelief in God.... 'No Christian at all that we've ever met in our lives, had ever been nice to us,' Greene said. 'No Christian has ever done anything for us. Our own families have totally forgotten our existence.'" But, as Paul Harvey might say, click here for the rest of the story.

Why July 6 Matters to Me

On July 6, 1991, I called up my friend Amy to ask her if I could come over to her house. Fifteen minutes later I was there with two red roses in hand. I told her how much I appreciated her friendship for the past three years and how attracted I was to her. I asked her if she felt the same, and she did. We talked for a while and ended up kissing (twice). Now, eighteen years later, she's still my best friend. I'm still attracted to her. And I still like to remember how it all began.