Cotton Ridge

A Proposed Structure for Elders and the Congregation

A church's structure is key to its long-term success or failure. Earlier in my ministry, I pastored a church that had a structure that maintained control in the hands of a few. This led to a great amount of frustration among anyone (myself included) who wanted to use their gifts to serve the Lord. These key leaders found themselves handicapped from the outset and obstructed from obeying their calling.

Clicking the image to the right will download a PDF of a proposed basic structure for ministry and church life. It is not comprehensive, as it does not yet feature a diagram dealing with Deacon Ministry (which Cotton Ridge does not yet have) or church membership. However, it is a start to dialoguing how we can accomplish a few key biblical principles: (1) keeping the focus of the Elders on spiritual affairs, and (2) providing accountability and open communication.

The proposed idea is to create an Admin Team that will handle the "business" affairs of the church: finances, property, and personnel. They would be made up of faithful church members whom God has called to this important task. The Elders would provide guidance for those on the Admin Team, especially as it is being formed.

Is having an Admin Team a good idea? What do you think?