The Most and Least Self-Centered GOP Candidates are...

According to a cursory examination of the transcripts of the GOP Town Hall meetings on CNN the last two nights, Donald Trump used the word "I" in reference to himself 379 times. Ben Carson used the word "I" only 75 times. Here's the breakdown: 

Uses of the word "I" by GOP presidential candidates in CNN Town Hall meetings:
Trump = 379
Rubio = 223
Cruz = 213
Kasich = 199
Bush = 184
Carson = 75

Donald Trump and Ben Carson

Donald Trump and Ben Carson

While these numbers are not scientifically precise (explanation below), this examination should be the in right ballpark. If any errors were made, they should be spread fairly consistently throughout each of the candidates.

Here was my process in counting the uses of the word "I" by the candidates: I searched for and found the CNN transcripts of each town hall meeting. Each transcript was a "RUSH" transcript—meaning that there could be transcribing errors. In fact, the few errors I found had mislabeled one person speaking for another. I adjusted my count for the errors I found in the transcripts.

Next, I simply used the "find" feature on my browser to search the transcript's web page for the letter "I" followed by a space. The "find" feature immediately gave me a total number of occurrences.

Then I advanced to each "I" followed by a space in the web page to identify the occurrences not spoken by the candidate. I subtracted these from the total. Usually the other occurrences happened when host Anderson Cooper or a questioner said the word "I." Sometimes, the letter "I" would be at the end of a word (such as "Saudi"). After removing these, I was left with a total number of times each candidate referred to himself with the word "I."

Other errors may have occurred in my count simply by me miscounting. I only examined each transcript once. I will leave it to statistics experts to give a more thorough and precise examination.

Of course, some of the numbers may be skewed by the candidates or CNN themselves. For example, the length of time on TV may not have been equal. Also, some candidates speak slower (Carson) than other candidates (Rubio).

Regardless of the preciseness of my cursory examination, I am not surprised at the results. As Jesus taught, words reveal the heart.