Schuyler Bibles: Excellence in Bible-Publishing

Schuyler Quentel NASB

Schuyler Quentel NASB

If you are looking for a high-quality Bible, I would recommend checking out Schuyler Bible Publishers. Although their Bibles are expensive, they are made with great care, knowing that their readers will be handling God's Word.

From their website: "Schuyler Bibles has had one simple mission – to produce Bibles whose quality extends to both Printing and Binding. Often customers are forced to choose between the two. We decided to produce Bibles with the best of both worlds.  Paper quality, legibility and  binding come together to produce the best crafted Bibles available."

Schuyler currently produces the following Bible translations: NASB, ESV, KJV, and NKJV. I preach from the Quentel NASB. It is a big, heavy Bible, but it is easily the best-made Bible I have ever owned. The text is clear, the paper is thick and sturdy, and there are even four bookmarks.

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