The Fallacy of Hate

Reagan Gorbachev

Reagan Gorbachev

One of the pseudo-weapons used by close-minded people is to accuse those who disagree with them of hate. This tactic is growing old quickly, and I predict that it will come to a end as soon as people realize that it is a fallacy. Here's an example in the current discourse of how the argument goes: "You believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman? You hate homosexuals! Stop the hate!"

This is a lazy argument that is simply designed to put the one you disagree with on the defensive. The only reason that it is even worthy of mentioning is that it is so widely-used.

Should Christians begin using this same line of reasoning? "You don't agree with my faith? You are a Christo-phobe! Stop the hate!"

The reality is that people can sometimes disagree with one another without hating each other. Reagan and Gorbachev obviously had major differences of opinion, but they set aside the name-calling in order to achieve a greater goal: peace.

Hate really does exist. However, as fellow members of the human race sharing the same planet, let's agree to set aside the language that only serves to vilify people with whom we disagree.