A Wife's Encouragement

In the movie Rocky II, boxer Rocky Balboa is scheduled to fight a rematch against world champion Apollo Creed. But Rocky's wife Adrian had a difficult delivery that caused her to go into a coma. As a result, Rocky lost his desire to train for the fight. He spent his time crying, reading to Adrian, and praying. He wouldn't even look at or hold his newborn son until Adrian woke up from the coma.

When she finally did awaken, Rocky was by her side. Shortly thereafter, a nurse brought in the newborn baby for Adrian to hold. Rocky told her that he didn't have to fight Apollo Creed--that they would make money some other way. But Adrian knew Rocky's heart. Rocky was a boxer, and one little word would make all the difference in the world.

The video below is for every man who has a wife like mine: a true friend who encourages you and inspires you to be the champion God created you to be.